Out for a good walk today I love my sweater thank you to my JMF ❤️...

Out for a good walk today I love my sweater thank you to my JMF ❤️

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Lee Young Hyun @leeyounghyun19

@joshuamanio_daa5 sorry i must tell you, your appearance not more interesting because so many drama on the stage. its a commpetition, you must be focus with this competition, please reduce the gimmick. im not your haters, what i say, is just what i look. i can still accept what the commentator do for entertain us, but if it has been added about love, it's no longer interesting to look at, because it is increasingly clear that you are not serious about participating in this competition. and i very sad for your fans who have supported you. they support you so that you succeed in this competition, you should be able to give the best for your fans and supporters, and do not give them a disappointment. Im sorry, thankyou 🙏

Khamada @khamadakhamada

boleh nga sya bergabung digrup WA.y kaka JMF @joshuamanio_daa5

barbie @bary_barbie

You playboy😁😁cause heartache🔥😁😪💔💔💔💔💔

Walter Zeus @walter_zeus

Wow wollower almous 1 million soon

Rina @rinairen356

@nurrohayati476 he's fine 👍 pangestu mba 😊


Joshua umur brp ada yg tau?

Achmad Maulana @c_adlan26

never mind, joshua's brother was nudged not to mean bad but to correct the mistakes made and turn them into the best, keep the spirit bang joshua, brother is the best and cool👍💪

nurrohayati @nurrohayati476

@rinairen356 mb itu akun nya ka jhosua bukan ya 🙂

Rina @rinairen356

@nurrohayati476 iya akun ig nya

Nikita Mirzani fans @nikita_mirzania


LIDYA NOVITA @lidyanovita011

Kk joshua semagat ❤

nurrohayati @nurrohayati476

@rinairen356 owh, kira in bukan, pengin sih ngobrol walaw sebentar 😁

Who is Marco @itsmarcohermoso


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